Christmas Recital 2020

Merry Christmas!
Welcome to the Funk Music online Christmas recital. It is my prayer that the performances of these brilliant young musicians will help to brighten your holidays.

In lieu of applause, please take the time to make some positive remarks in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

Gavin & Josie A

At Christmas Josie loves spending time with family, getting presents and enjoying treats and cookies. Gavin loves making people smile when they open his gifts.

Dominic C

Dominic’s favourite thing about Christmas is all the amazing food and baking shared with his whole family

Grady & Trenton C

Grady always loves seeing extended family at Christmas and it’s Trenton’s Christmas wish that they’ll still get to see them this year.

Bridget D

Bridget can’t wait for special Santa pancakes on Christmas morning and taking time to see her family

Traeden D

Traeden’s favourite things about Christmas is family and food.

Boston E

Boston’s favourite thing about Christmas is extra time with family. Special thanks to Boston’s mom Pam for singing along to his performance.

Oaklee H

Oaklee loves spending time with family over the holidays.

Victoria K

Victoria’s favourite Christmas traditions involve family, presents and food.

Reagan M

Reagan is hoping to find a pet under the tree this Christmas.

Teya P

Teya’s favourite things about Christmas are food, family and gifts.

Aveline R

Mateah R

Emmet S

Emmet loves all the presents that get shared at Christmas

Hart S

Hart loves spending extra time with family over the holidays.

Wyatt S

Wyatt can’t wait for more snow this Christmas.

Liana T

Liana loves seeing all the Christmas lights and doing lots of holiday baking.

Jarod W

Jared is looking forward to spending time with family this Christmas

Clara W

Clara’s favourite part of Christmas is spending time with family. Props go to Karen, Clara’s mom, for playing the teacher part.

Edward W

Edward loves scouting out the presents under the tree and trying to figure out what they may be.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Recital 2020

  1. Wight Family

    This will certainly be a highlight of our Christmas holidays! Snuggled together on the couch on a snowy afternoon watching these fantastic Christmas performances. We loved them all!

    (We want to know if Reagan got a pet for Christmas!)


  2. Melles family

    “Wow, those kids are talented!” (says Reagan and her younger sister Sammy). Great job everyone!

    No pet for Reagan this year, better luck next year!


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