Adrienne is a very dedicated and patient teacher! She is professional yet kind and very easy to get along with! I had a little bit of experience with ukulele before I started lessons and she has helped me come so far with my playing and my confidence. She is a great teacher in both online and in person lessons. Awesome! Sick! Cool!
Liana, Tolstoi MB (2020)

We are so thankful for Adrienne’s musical influence on my kids’ lives. Mason (14) and Jaden (12) took drum and bass guitar lessons from Adrienne for only a few short months before they were able to join an adult worship team at our church. Our goal all along had been for them to play in church, and this goal was realized far quicker than we ever anticipated. Through her patient coaching and discipling, they grew musically and spiritually under her direction. It was such a joy to see our kids leading our church in worship and being mentored by other adults on the team. We highly recommend Adrienne if you are looking for someone to equip your children/teens to play on a worship team. 
– Kris and Shannon, Elmira ON (2019) 

Adrienne has been a great fit for our family from the start.  She quickly fostered a relationship with our then 6-year-old and has continued to provide him a place where he can listen and learn, and be confident in his abilities on the piano.  Our youngest also started with her (at age 4) and has since flourished.  With the advent of the pandemic, Adrienne made a remarkably smooth transition to teaching via Skype, quickly shifting her teaching to make it work for both her and her students.  As educators ourselves, we have been impressed with her ability to navigate challenging situations such as Covid-19 and be able to continue such excellent instruction in a virtual environment.  We are thrilled that she has been able to provide this small level of normalcy for our children.  As a result of her knowledge and patience and flexibility, beautiful music fills our house.
Karen, Elmira ON (2020)

It has been a great pleasure having Adrienne as a piano teacher for my daughter (age 11) and a guitar teacher for myself.  She listens to her students and adjusts her teaching style to assist at improving technique. Adrienne is flexible and enthusiastic at exploring the type of music you would like to play and will find suitable music for you.  I am impressed by her ability to adjust to teaching remotely and making it so smooth that the quality of teaching was not negatively impacted.  Looking forward to continuing our music adventure with Adrienne.
Bozena, Elmira ON (2020)

My daughter, Olivia, has been a student of Adrienne’s since January, 2018.  Since then, the beautiful sound of piano has been filling our home and has brought a smile back to Olivia’s face.  Adrienne is professional, yet warm and we would not hesitate to recommend her teaching to anyone looking for a music teacher.  
– Christine, Elmira ON (2019)

Adrienne (Funk Music Lessons) has been the perfect fit for our family! I have 3 kids taking lessons from Adrienne and I’m amazed at how quickly they have progressed. The best part is that they love what they are learning and I don’t have to force them to practice.
– Laura, Elmira ON (2019)

Lessons with Adrienne not only developed my musical abilities, but also inspired me to dream big and expand my horizons. I felt like I was hanging out with a friend.
Marissa, guitar lessons / Revive Worship Band, Selkirk MB (2017)

Adrienne is the best! She taught me to play the bass from absolutely no previous experience, to being pretty good bass player, if I do say so myself 😉 She’s helped me with so much from music to being a mentor to tutoring and she is such an amazing role model!!! Totally sign up for her lessons because she’s beyond worth it!!!
Larissa, bass lessons / Revive Worship Band, Selkirk MB (2017)

Adrienne taught me piano lessons for many years. She is a talented teacher with lots of experience. Adrienne tailored piano lessons to fit my needs and my learning pace. She was always patient, kind, and professional during our lessons. I highly recommend her to anyone!
– 26 year old Levon, piano lessons, Guelph ON (2015)